Translfo Document Imaging and Workflow Solutions


TRANSFLO® from Pegasus TransTech is an industry-leading document management and workflow solution that efficiently processes, stores and quickly retrieves critical business documents such as proof of delivery, bills of lading, packing lists, receipts, employment applications, accident reports and much more.

TRANSFLO helps carriers speed cash flow, increase productivity, improve operating efficiency and grow without adding headcount. Workflow enables a company to map and manage virtually any business process.

What does TRANSFLO do?

TRANSFLO provides a low-touch, no-touch document imaging solution. TRANSFLO 2012 includes robust new tools that provide more management reports to enable intelligent business analysis for measuring and improving productivity.

System Integration into Our Solutions & Yours

TRANSFLO integrates with other software systems, and works seamlessly with TRANSFLO Express®, Pegasus TransTech’s popular truck stop scanning solution; TRANSFLO Now! anywhere scanning; and TRANSFLO Now! Mobile.

With an incredibly robust infrastructure, TRANSFLO can also be integrated with your in-house solution and most 3rd party software. Accounting programs, dispatch systems, mobile communication devices, maintenance management software and much more can work in conjunction with TRANSFLO. Contact one of our business analysts at 800.503.6438 to learn more.


  • Reduces DSO & Increases Cash flow
  • Minimizes the need for manual processing in the flow of data and documents.
  • Allows people to manage exceptions, not tons of paper and data.
  • Provides tremendous savings in human resources and time
  • Reporting tools to help analyze, measure and improve productivity

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Automate with Workflow Solutions

Use the Workflow Solutions throughout your business to reduce the need for manual processing of paper, data and forms. Workflow will automate the flow of documents across multiple departments to allow activities to be organized and prioritized.
Pegasus TransTech has Workflow solutions for: