Transflo Mobile

Speed the Revenue Cycle and Gain Efficiency with this One-Stop Mobile Solution

TRANSFLO Mobile+ is an enterprise-grade mobile application that provides a one-stop solution to simplify processes, speed cash flow and optimize communications for carriers, brokers and drivers. This multi-functional application provides immediate access to delivery documents, load tendering, claim and accident submissions, and much more!


  • INSTANT ACCESS TO DELIVERY DOCUMENTS Drivers can capture and send documents immediately after delivery. With auto-detection of borders, cropping, image enhancement and compressions, image quality is never an issue. The app also features in-motion restriction to ensure safety of the user.
  • LOAD TENDERING TRANSFLO Mobile+ gives carriers the ability to send load tendering information even when drivers are not in the cab of their truck. The app interfaces with the fleet’s TMS system to show the driver available loads with the ability for the driver to accept a load, decline a load and confirm pick-up and delivery right from their smart phone.
  • ACCIDENT, OVERAGE, SHORTAGE & DAMAGE CLAIMS Expedite the claims process – drivers can take color photos and fill out electronic forms for accident, overage, shortage and damage claims.
  • TWO-WAY MESSAGING Carriers and drivers can send and receive message with two-way communications.
  • SETTLEMENTS Drivers can easily access information showing when they have been paid for a load. This feature eliminates driver calls inquiring on load payment and gives them a settlement history to view.
  • CUSTOMIZING & BRANDING The user interface of TRANSFLO Mobile+ can be customized with a fleet’s own logo as well as indexing and doc type preferences. Fleets can choose the functionality and applications they want their drivers to be able to use.
  • BARCODE READING Quickly and accurately complete index fields with barcode reading
  • FLEET MANAGEMENT ECHOING The app integrates with your fleet management system to echo messages to your driver’s smart phone. Keep in touch with your drivers anytime, anywhere.
  • DRIVER AUTHENTICATION When drivers register for the app, they are confirmed and authenticated using data specified by the carrier.